Saturday, February 27, 2010


The word "pula" means "rain" in Setswana. Given that 70% of the country if covered by dessert (chuckle) I mean desert (thanks wikipedia!), "pula" is also the official motto of the country and the name of the currency. I seemed to have named my blog the setswana equivalent of "dollar," "money," "buck," "quid," "kwai," or "moolah".

It's strange to me now to speculate about this language, this culture, land, and people when in a few months I will become intimately acquainted with it. I'm reading through other Botswana PCV's blogs to see how I'm supposed to be feeling right now, but none of them have quite captured the weirdness of the feeling. A close analogy I can think of is of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, when everything is still black and white, and she's living her very peaceful life in Kansas with little Toto, unaware that her whole world is about to be go up in a whirl of cackling witches and cows-- except, I am very very aware that my world is about to be rocked. I just don't know exactly how, though I'm pretty sure there will be cows involved.

As Andre Gide says in this quote I found when I googled "Adventure Quotes" (yes, I did):
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore"

D-Date: April 7th, 2010, Peace Corps Botswana

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  1. the strangest thing just happened. as i was typing this comment, i looked over to this library bag i had on my desk, which has all these random foreign words that i didn't understand before. except now i just noticed that one of the words is "pula" and there's also "rain" and "chuva." every word on this bag means rain... O_O which is random/creepy then i turned to the other side and saw a picture of an umbrella which makes sense, i think the bags are for taking the books out of the library when it rains... XD how funny!