Sunday, March 14, 2010

Approaching the Shore from the Other Side

Departure is quickly approaching and I'm not quite sure how to pass it. What do I prioritize? Getting ready? Seeing friends? Spending un-precedented time with my family? Eating? I must've gained at least 10 pounds in the past week 2 weeks and I intend on gaining more. There is still Kuma's Corner, Leona's, Nightwood, Sushi Para II, Al's chili cheese fries, and Cheesecake to be had!

Two more weeks and then I'm going to jump in a car with my brother and roadtrip to Niagra Falls and then back to Jersey. My departure date seems to have been pushed back to April 10th, so I may have a few extra days on hand. I'm already planning on spending it with my parents, I just don't know how to quite maximize that time. I know that life could be so rich, my family could be so rich, I just need to find the right attitude to make it happen.

March 26, Last Day of Work
March 29, Last Day in Chicago
April 10, Staging in Philly

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