Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chickens and a new family oh my!!

Hi everyone!! Im alive. Sorry for taking so long to update. The past few weeks have been hard to find Internet. Were in molepolole in our first week of training. Ive been in my host family for a week learning Setswana and the culture here. Botswana are great. They love to laugh and feed us starch and meat. Chicken cow goats and other animal life run around freely on the dirt roads here. It's been raining and freeeeeeZing here all week and I have my first botswana flu. Physically I haven't been well, but mentally I've been veery happy here. The people suit me. They are beautiful.

Im typing this on my bros iPhone so Im a bit limited. But I miss home so much. It feels like it's been years. Please write me letters. I can't access my email easily and I miss you all a lot. If anyone feels so inclined... Warm clothes would also go a looooong way.

Go siame, my loves,


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