Saturday, April 24, 2010

I forgot to mention my new name!!!!! "wame" it means "mine" in Setswana. My family consists of me, an older sister and her 2 yr old daughter, a 4 yr old brother, a 6 yr old bro, a 16 yr old bro and sister, a mom and a dad, and 3 dogs... Plus lots of extended family.


  1. oh that sounds like an amazing family! and how is your name pronounced? more like "wah-me" or "wah-may" or am I trying to be all fancy pants and it's actually like "wayme"?
    hope all is well my dearest!! big hugs and kisses

  2. hahahaha i agree with caroline. i need a better pronunciation. i'm trying to be ethnic and fancy too.

    so i just saw the sub-header of your website. SO funny. i love it. i miss you! there's a letter going to you now, no big fancy package yet.

    hope you are staying warm. i tried buying stuff for you in LA until i realized they NEVER wear winter clothing. boo.