Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ghanzi & some keys to pronunciation

Hi All!!

I am so excited, i am finally at a proper computer and am reading all your emails and messages and getting really homesick. I've been in Ghanzi, in west of Botswana near Namibia for the past 3 days on site visit. I've seen New Xadi and I love it. My house is a huge 2 br government building complete with gas powered stove and fridge. I have a huge yard and so far I love the people I will be working with. Unfortunately, I was only able to spend about an hour in New Xadi and have been hanging out in the relative-metropolis of Ghanzi in my down time (which is a lot). I will be working in the S&CD office in New Xadi (Social and Community Development Office).

Given that I am prone to bouts of long sessions of "creative writing" i'm going to try to keep this long story short. but I wanted to share it with you...

On our 3rd night here in Ghanzi, we met these San kids for the 3rd time, 3 of them aged 4,5, and 8 who follow us in and out of stores asking for money. They don't speak much Setswana, and I don't speak much setswana, so it was a challenge trying to say more to them than "Hi" and "i dont have money" but I did. I found their names, ages, where they lived, I was so excited to talk to these kids and thought I might get them some candy or something.Now normally in the states, I try not to give handouts to people, so I had no intentions on giving handouts here. But in my head, it wasn't really so. It was kids, who would probably liek some sweets. I almost gave them something as they followed us about 10 minutes down the street chatting with me, when I ehard from 20 yards ahead, my other PCT friends yell out "Sunny Don't!" and I stopped.

Do you think I made the right decision?

Wame (Wah-Mee)
Ghanzi (Han-Zee)
New Xadi (New CLICK-adee)

In other news, we move to our sites, as I said in 2 weeks. and i have a po box here, so don't send me anything until I verify the address here or else i may not get it in time. I'm actually pretty sick at the moment and feel like i'm about to fall out of my chair so I'm going to sign off. But i miss you all and hope you are doing well. It is really really good to hear from thsoe of you who have emailed me or sent me letters. I will try to get more good information to you as soon as I'm settled in and have my camera.


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  1. AHHHHHHH New CLICK-adee!!!!!! I seriously just said that aloud to myself in my room. And then giggled with my hand over my face. You know the drill!
    love you and miss you my dear Wa-mee!