Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greetings again from molepolole!!
Meredith and suanne, I got your letters thank you!!

Internet use has been super scarce here and I haven't been able to get on for about a month. But I have been able to download my mail onto my iPod to read (ie delete junk mail) about once a month. So I am seeing your emails and will try to respond. But ... Read on

Important news!! I have been placed in a resettlement village called new xade where I will be working with the San people. This means that I wil be learning a language called sesarwa with no structural or formal help (good god!) but I will be clicking. Which I am happily surprised about. I will have solar electricty. I find out more tomorrow when I go to visit.

New xade WILL NOT HAVE reliable CELL COVERAGE INTERNET OR POST. This means that I will ask you all to write to me via snail mail. I will post when I can with a post office box.

Not to dissuade you from sending me messages, but since I am moving soon, my mail will not get to me in time. Please hold off on sending me mail until I update my address here.

Also right now I am severely limited in Internet ability. I am working off my iPod which is missing a web browser. So all I can do is send and receive email. Facebook doesn't let me do anything except update my status so I can't see wall messages. So tswe tswe (please) do not mind if I do not respond quickly to you or at all. I miss u a ton. All of u. Yes even u Cassie and Julie and Rachel and Ben and Meredith and Christine and Cana and Ted and yes even venessa who is so damn lazy she won't read this..

I promise I'll write abou Botswana and my feelings and friends and all that shit soon.

Ke batle Wena fela.
I want you only.

I know that doesn't quite make sense, but it's the closest I cancer to I miss you with my limited Setswana right now.
Lol don't you miss me?

I hope so. Cause I'm incredibly homesick.

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  1. oh dang. i just sent letters today.

    hope it makes it somehow.