Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A parenthetical

Hi Guys,

I didn't think I'd be able to update for a while, but I have some time right now. I had a whole nice narrative already written for you, but I don't have it on hand. So I'll leave an abbreviated parenthetical update for now.

Today is Tuesday, we just had our language test. Tomorrow we go shopping (or I get to go to the Dentist cause I have a cavity). And Thursday we officially swear in as Peace Corps Volunteers. Official Official.

Friday, I go to New Xade. A little more about the village: the language, or should I say languageS there are... clicking and unwritten (as I said before). Without getting too into it, I'm in a state of simultaneous sadness, apprehension, and excitement, with the excitement sometimes waning out of existence. Sadness because I'm leaving the friends I've made over the past 6 weeks to live in the desert by myself without any communication. Apprehension because every time I tell someone I'm going to New Xade, people go "AO!! Ijoooo!! Ka GORENG?!" Translated "Holy cow, WHY on god's green earth would you go there?", and excitement because I will be faced with probably the biggest challenge I've ever faced in my life and I will "experience life in a way that I never have before and many other people will not understand" (ok that quote is paraphrased from an old PCV from New Xade I got a chance to talk to last night). I will have to earn the trust of the indigenous relocated people I am living with whose language I may not learn how to speak, I will be living under a huge blanket of African sky, and I will be wandering around my house with my cell phone like a watering stick looking for that ounce of reception I can use to hopefully get a text out to my best friends here. There is a rich culture, people, and language there that I can learn from and bring home, if only I can get past the walls of fear, ignorance, and lonliness that will inevitably consume me at times

I've decided to spend as much money as I need to invest in a painting studio here so I can get my hands a little dirty and my mind occupied.

A PO BOX update: I'm waiting to make sure I have the key to a PO box the old PCV left behind, which means i have to wait till i get home to find it. I'm so sorry everyone for not getting this sooner, I'll have it as soon as possible. IN th emean time, please keep writing me letters and hold on to those packages. I feed off of the few that I've gotten so far and they go a really long way in improving my mood on my (few) bad days--- ah who am i kidding, ask anyone here and they all know how homesick i am.


  1. sunny! i just found your blog--everything sounds so exciting. good luck with the new place, language, and culture. it'll get easier and i'm sure you're gonna have a ton of exciting, challenging, and fun experiences. keep blogging--i can't wait to read more!

    -your old Magnolia House-mate, Ronnie

    p.s. I laughed so hard at the "I want you only" part!

  2. Hi Sunny - My name is Seema - I was the New Xade S&CD PCV from 2006-2008. What a treat to be connected to your blog! (through Ed, of course)...just reading your first entry brings back a rush of memories...I'm bookmarking this in hopes of following your adventures during the next couple years...Know that we New Xade-ers are the luckiest of PCVs. Best of luck to you and have fun.