Friday, October 15, 2010

An Hour to Kill & Not Sure What to Do

This is certainly a new experience. I'm in Ghanzi for the week/weekend and have an hour at the library. The past 72 hours I've met with DMSACS, DACS, PCVS, M&Es, S&CD, RADP's, and dealt with LPO's and other such fiddle faddle.

My checklist is losing empty boxes and I suddenly find myself online with an hour to kill before going to watch a fellow PCV do an aerobics presentation at an afterschool program here.

3 things I'm doing here:
1. Getting Support for a December OVC/Youth Likeskills Camp-- and yeah, fundraising is still not my specialty

2. Trying to find funding to run a Village Multi-sectoral Aids Committee program design workshop (VMSAC)

3. Getting a spare gas cylinder so that next time I run out of gas and get really depressed, I'll have a spare and be able to rule out "gas shortage" as my cause of depression.

Internet internet internet... friends, where are you? Miss you. Need some TLC and/or someone to slap me and say, "HEY YOU, RELAX AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!"

Pictures from the Nata Salt Pans
East Side, Pre-buzz cut, Post-workshop presentation

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  1. :hug!: Sunny! I'm glad you have internet and I hope you remember us over there doing all those exciting things you're doing. I miss you and I'm excited to hear all the cool things you're doing!