Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm at a bit of a loss for what to write today. I'm in Serowe, the village of the President and past Kings helping a friend of mine paint her preschool (pictures to come). We just returned from our New Year Vacation in Namibia.

I'm at a loss for words today. I found out just an hour or so ago that a good friend of mine passed away during the new year holiday in a car accident. She was supposed to come with us on our Namibian Vacation to Swakopmund (beach) and the dunes (see picture above), but she got turned away at the border because (being not an american-- she's from China) she needed (and didn't have) a tourist visa. I promised to call my friend once we arrived, but I didn't have enough air time to make an international call, so I kept putting it off. Once we got back to Botswana, I saw that she had called me, and I thought, i'll call her once I've gotten some rest. I kept putting it off again. Finally, after a day of hard painting Pooh Bear and Tigger's in Serowe, I received a call from Jeffrey, a mutual friend from Zimbabwe (An american, zimbabwean, and chinese trio are we), saying she had passed away. I couldn't believe him. I called several people in Ghanzi just to check, i was sure that this was a horrible joke. I told myself, if this is a joke, I'm never going to talk to these guys again. My friend reminded me, If it isn't a joke, you won't be talkin to her again anyway.

It seems wrong and cliche of me to tell you all to remember your loved ones this New Year, to call them, and keep in touch, because you never know what the next day may bring... but I feel so guilty for not taking my own advice this week. In the end, my friend is gone and we're the ones who are suffering her loss.

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  1. I'm so so sorry to hear that, Sunny - my prayers are with you and her loved ones.

    Will you still have the same address for the next month or so? Happy new year, thinking of you! <3