Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is the first of a number of updates directed to all of you who
are registered as recipients of the 2011 Book Container, which is
tentatively arriving at the end of June. As soon as I have a better
ETA, I'll send it.

The selection in this container should be the best EVER as I am
spending 3 weeks in Atlanta Georgia, home of the BFA warehouse (my
supplier). I am personally selecting the majority of books, although
the Kirkwood High School in Missouri has collected 5,000 children's
books in a massive book drive and they are delivering them to me this
week. That means I only need to choose about 20,000 from the warehouse
Such back breaking work but such fun, too!

I've been updating the Botswana Book Project website with the latest progress…

The only snag left at this point is that we are short by $5,000 in our
shipping fund at Books For Africa…so we need cash before we ship!

I'm asking you all to contact anyone at home (USA), family or friends,
who might contribute even $10.00 to the fund. The little donations
add up as I found out last year, when over $6,000 was donated in small
amounts by generous Americans over an 8 week period.

All they need to do is look at www.booksforafrica.org and click
The instructions there are clear as to how to make an online donation.

Be sure to check out the www.botswanabookproject.org website to read
some of the letters sent by Peace Corps volunteers. Those letters
keep me going with my efforts. They are so eloquent as to the need
for books.
If you wonder what the warehouse looks like, I'll be updating the
website every night with photos…over the past 2 days I selected and
volunteers boxed over 3,000 books… Hundreds of picture storybooks,
easy readers, novels for young readers and for teens, health and
medical books, and many general library books. Everything in
excellent condition! I will continue to select books until the 20
pallets are full...about 25,000 books
In all.


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