Saturday, April 23, 2011

Public Blogging?

There's a crazy dog here who spends all day in the corner of the guest kitchen staring at a round nut from one of the trees. If you manage to grab the nut and throw it, the dog chases it, grabs it, and puts it in the exact same spot in the guest kitchen, then lies down in front of it and proceeds to stare at it again. It's amazing. It's kind of what I imagine my life might be like if I went crazy, maybe from spending my whole life in a place like this. Maun is beautiful, and this backpackers is great, but there's not much in terms of productive things one can do here if you're not in the business of tourism. Yesterday, probably because of the presence of Prince Harry and his posse, the bar was bussling with activity by 9AM, people were taking all shorts of liquor shots while I was still eating my breakfast! And by shots, I don't just mean your normal brunch delights like bloody mary's and mamosa's I mean tequilla and double-vokda shots! Serious stuff!

I am really seriously bummed this morning. The internet wasn't working last night and isn't working again yet. I was looking forward to spending some time sending emails and browsing the net. I was so looking forward to it, that I bought P80 worth of internet (100mb). If the internet is out all weekend… sniff. I don't want to think about such horrible things.

internet is back. Sigh. I am cheating by purchasing internet and not doing it the "peace corps way" i.e. walking 5 miles to get free internet?


There's a site called Click Botswana ( that has a bunch of blogs it looks like from locals in Botswana about all sorts of different subjects. I had the good fortunate to make a friend who works for the company and who pitched the idea of starting a volunteer blog on what it's like to be a volunteer in Botswana. The blog would hopefully raise awareness on volunteerism in Botswana and generate support for NGO's in need. It's exciting and it's definitely new territory, especially since I'll be gingerly straddling the lines between the sometimes embarrassing honesty that sometimes characterizes my writing, the responsibility of being politically correct that comes with being a Peace Corps Volunteer, and the subject of volunteerism and NGO capacity building which to me is still a relatively new field.

At the risk of getting too carried away with my own excitement, here are a number of topics I was thinking of addressing that would hopefully be interesting and p.c. at the same time:

  • development and establishment of small NGO's
  • the importance of NGO networking, small success stories of NGO collaboration
  • getting input from community stakeholders, often from the most unexpected places
  • Community contribution: getting community support from a community that is impoverished-- how does one get resources from a resource-less and ego-less society?
Are there any other topics or human interest stories I've already written about or told you guys about that you think would make a good entry on this blog?

Thanks in advance for the input!
And by the way, this is the best Saturday morning ever-- lying in a hammock riverside on a sunny, breezy morning drinking a bloody mary, checking my email, and reading a good book. There's something that seems so incredibly sacred about this moment... Amen.


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