Monday, May 2, 2011

Snapshot of my life

I'm sitting on dried curly nuts under a tree tapping into an ngo's
wireless internet that somehow someone forgot to put security on and
now on one in the village has the IT nohow to fix it. I'm stuck
outside of New Xade because the lift I came with broke down. I have
welts on my face from the mosquitos that bit me up last night. I look
like I got into a bad fight. I have cigarettes in one pocket and a box
of matches and my phone in the other. I smell horrible. I haven't
spent quality time in my village in weeks. I have two alternatives
now, wait at the hitching post for who knows how many hours for a ride
(it took me 7 hours to get out of New Xade on Saturday), or go to the
bank, insert my American ATM Card, take out P300 and lend it to the
man who gave me a ride last week so he can buy petrol and bring me
home. I've already lent out P200 to another man to buy car parts. At
this point in my service, pretending that I'm broke is not worth the
cost of being stuck here for much longer. I'm not sure if I'm looking
forward to going home. On the one hand, it's home, I can sleep, I can
wash my clothes, I can bathe. I can eat my own food. On the other
hand, there's no cell phone service, there are bugs galore, and there
are children who harass me for sweets, apples, tea, peace jobs and tv.
It's time to accept it and proclaim it: I am a rich american.

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