Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Year 2

I've been told year 2 of Peace Corps service can start out slow. I don't doubt that. Things have come to a standstill as the government strike wears on our tired souls. Schools have reopened but the Xade primary school still runs at half capacity, and with exams on the way,the remaining teachers are worried that our kids won't be able to pass on to the next level of schooling. As a result, priority is given to preparing students for exams and my english club and pen pal program are on hiatus. no news yet on grants for our OVC group either, which is just fine since our volunteers are no where to be found in the first place. the Youth organization fell into a premature coma as secondary students left the village in a mass exodus for the new school term. And I sit at home day after day, typing up a grant proposal one painful letter at a time, sometimes with just my 2 index fingers for dramatic effect. The weather has turned traumatically cold and as one travels throughout botswana, the changing colors of leaves are a nice relief to the normal monotony of greens and browns of the usual desert schematic. it is an awful irony to be sitting on the front porch at 6 in the morning, watching droplets of your breath busily freeze into misty white crystals while pondering what type of nothing you will spend your day doing today. usually after my morning cup of coffee, i crawl back into bed and only get up when I feel inspired to do something.

not all things are down though, the click-botswana blog has gone up and the people there have done an excellent job creating the site http://www.click-botswana.com/blogs.php i'm quite happy with the way it looks, though i think the writing currently leaves something to be desired. my friend Lucie and I came up with the blog title: Stepping up for Botswana.

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