Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hi Everyone, Blog friends, family, countrymen, fellow-world-(wo)-men (for those of you who appreciate politically correctness),

I'm writing to ask for assistance from those of you who have been following my blog.

I am working with the primary school to get computer equipment (16 computers) for a teaching lab (also open to the community). I am hoping to raise about $3,200 for all the computers and shipping (possibly more depending on customs fees). We are getting the machines from an organization in the UK called Computer Aid International. So far I have around $1,200 in pledges from family and friends, and I still need much more, so if it is in your heart, please send me an email at lin.sunnyc@gmail.com with the following text:

"I, ______, pledge to support the New Xade Computer Project with a tax-deductable donation of $________ through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. My Email address is: ___________"

A big thank you to those who have already pledged. Your support is not just going towards the effort of alleviating poverty in New Xade and educating youth and children, it is also helping me to stay sane.

If you would like to help in another way (notice the change in font to signal a change in subject), the school is trying to start an art program and has asked me to help find donations of art supplies (paints, brushes, papers, anything). I won't be heading the program, but I said I would try to help out anyway I can. The kids here may not be the best at sports or writing, math or science, but they are damn good at the arts! So any donation would not go unappreciated. If interested, please email me for details

In other news, the first annual general meeting of the New Xade Youth Organization went swimmingly. 200+ youth gathered at the kgotla and listened to music, words of encouragement, watched dances from local performance groups. I had a blast even though I had no idea what was going on until I had a chance to type up the meeting minutes afterwards. I am very proud of the youth here for their enthusiasm and hard work. The next meeting is next week, and we will be raising money for our NGO registration fees.

Photo on the upper right is a picture of me at the AGM looking very official, introducing the board members in my very poor setswana. but don't be impressed, because no understood the mumbling idiot peace corps volunteer and the ended up introducing the board again after I did it!

The picture on the bottom right is my friend Ketelelo with the banner he painted for the organization. (I sure hope the Omang (ID registration) office lets us keep the name "new xade youth organization" or he's gonna have to make a new banner!)

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