Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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July 4

The water is out in New Xade today, and thanks to the kids who perpetually haunt my house, so is the water in my reserve “jojo tank” (rain water tank). I’ve resorted to the bottles that I keep on the top of my fridge. Bottles of months-old water that I save for occasions like this one. Except today, I have 2 guests. Which means, no water and a toilet full of sewage. Being actually thirsty and/or not having a constant, reliable supply of water really makes one dig down deep into one’s primal roots. Survival of the Fittest, “No, CHILD, you can NOT have my water… it is MINE. and No, DEAR CHILD, I am NOT from China. Yes, I know I have funny shaped eyes. No, you don’t have to show me again how funny shaped my eyes are.”

Yes you heard it, I have been brought down to my childhood days where mocking of my racial features was just another part of everyday life. Today it was 7. 7 pairs of mocking eyes, 7 shrill voices pretending to speak Chinese. I asked one little fella how HE liked it when people made fun of his language. I emphasized my point by clicking crudely a few times. He turned to his companion, asked, “what did she say?” the companion said something back, the child looked at me, and then squeezed the edges of his eyes and continued mocking the language of my ancestors. I should’ve whipped out a Bruce Lee move and whacked his sorry butt, but alas, I am not a stereotype. The closest I get to a kick on a daily basis is bumping my fridge door shut with my knee when my hands are full.

I got asked today for money by an adult who I consider an enlightened friend. When I tried to explain that he was a teacher and makes more money than I do, he waved me off with a gesture of his hand and looked down at the papers he was marking. Ouch. Hours later, I was approached by the craft shop keeper who I offered to help procure funds for start-up funding. She, another lady, and I worked on the “budget” for the upcoming year and thus I was presented with a request: buy us a truck. Um, let’s put that on hold, shall we? What else do you need. The final budget was for P35,400, or roughly $6,000. Whatever happened to those infomercials: “For only $50, YOU can help someone start a small business!” I have been fooled. I wonder how successful people would be if they had access to the following workshop: Budgeting 101 for Businesses. We’ll have it a 5-star hotel in Maun, fully catered with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 Teas, and we’ll make sure that everyone has their own room—or else it’ll be our heads at Evaluation time. And I’m not kidding. I’ve seen heads roll because someone didn’t get their own room, or do the tea right, or the food wasn’t enough…

That’s enough of my jaded personality for one day. On the upside, we delivered the books to the school today. I had a good time reading “Goodnight Moon”

Happy July 4th Everyone!

I found out why the water went out. The guys who man the pump refused to check it yesterday because there were lion prints in the area and a donkey was found mauled close by. I’ve been told that there are wildfires in the CKGR nowadays, causing the animals to escape to the edges of the reserve (i.e. New Xade.)

My friend and I were discussing the (sometimes) long days where we spend the whole day in bed. She said sometimes she’ll be lying in bed watching the sun set and she’ll suddenly realizes, “I forgots to move!!!”

I helped someone fix their tv today. Well I didn’t exactly help them. Pax called me over on my way home from the learning center and asked me to fix his TV. What I did was watch and make Setswana noises of disbelief every time the dvd player open and closed its mouth on its own accord, like a petulant child refusing to take its medicine. Then he suggested satellite. We flicked on his satellite decoder only to be confronted with the message “No Signal.” I suggested we call someone else with a TV to see if maybe the signal was out in all of Xade. Then Mr. Pax went outside, fiddled with the satellite dish, and Elmo’s voice came blaring on in (almost) high def, drowning out the sound of the diesel generator. “Poor Humpty Dumpty!” Elmo sighed after Gordon told him that all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put the poor egg back together again. The signal was clearer and stronger than any of my TV sets back at home. Lucky Pax, I couldn’t help thinking, at least he has Elmo to keep him company. I have no clue where his wife and kids are today. Actually I do have some clues, them folks not from around here, probably back in their home village, or Namibia, where I think they have some family. (Photo of Pax's Kids, note the awesome haircut on his adorable son.)

A quick thanks to my brother who sent me this genius little drink mix called “mia” or “mio?” ee-ay-oh…

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  1. I am really happy that you have consistent internet. Your blog posts are candid and an overall good read. I hope all is well, and please continue to write :)