Friday, July 1, 2011

President's Day

Today is a holiday. I thought I would look forward to it, but I find myself dragging my feet getting out of bed, wishing I could stay asleep just a little longer, maybe all day so that the weekend would go by faster. But 10 hours of sleep, apparently, is enough for my body and I find my restlessness pulling me out of bed and toward the instant VIA coffee my brother sent me. Starbucks has revolutionized Peace Corps Service.

Today I'm not sure what I'll do. Like any other day, I'll probably go out a bit, and then hang inside most of the day, except today, unlike regular work days, I won't have the fear of being asked, "are you not on duty?" hanging over my head. (People ask me this when they see me out of the office. The mentality here is, you get paid to be in the office not necessarily to do work, so doing work at home is a bit of a confusing concept for my friends and coworkers). Peace Corps Volunteers are always on duty...

I've picked up knitting again, thanks to a friend who sent me yarn. It's nice, but it's really just a substitute for a warm body or someone to just sit with. I've only been back in my village for a few days, and I'm already feeling pangs of lonliness-- but then again, I remember my first few months here when every day was a struggle and the moment I returned home, sometimes, I'd already be making plans to get out again.

American Rock is blaring from a pickup truck outside my house. John Mellencamp's "I need somebody." I need somebody... You need somebody... It's strange that I'm hearing most of these songs for the first time here in Africa.



Btw. Is it wedding season?

Someone just came by asking to borrow P1000. hahah, if I had P1000... I probably would've hired a car to get out of here for the long weekend. Then he said, how is Xade? You are always alone. Must be boring.
Little does he know I have a secret technological portal to the outside world in the form of a little USB modem. muahaha-muahahahaha!!

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