Saturday, November 19, 2011

As i stepped out this of my house at 6AM in the refreshingly cool morning air and I saw a thin metal tipped arrow sitting in my front yard, I couldn't help but realize how exceptionally unique my peace corps site is. Yeah, things don't work as well in a settlement as they do in proper villages, we may not have tarred roads, grocery stories, reliable water, or a post office, but not many people have the opportunity to live for 2 years in an area with a unique group of people with a unique set of challenges. Yeah, these challenges are often not overcome, but sometimes, I allow myself the slightest peep of hope when I see a bright young student exhibit faithfulness in a small responsibility, or a government worker look at a person I've been working with and say, "hey, that kid. he's special. he's going to make it."

My solar panels were unceremoniously torn from my walls and roof yesterday in preparation for proper electricity. For the time being, I am living in the dark, relying on headlamps, candles, friends and neighbors and my previously -charged AA batteries (thank you dear brother for having the foresight to send me with those). Other than the extreme heat and multiple bouts of boredom, I'm getting along fairly well. I'm EXTREMELY lucky that the rain has come this weekend or I would be crying in my bathtub trying to get cool. Someone here said that God has heard my cries. I'm trying to just take it for what it's worth and not think skeptically, well if God heard this white person's cries for weather relief, what about all those other cries for things like food, water, poverty and pain relief? When things get really bad (and so far they haven't, even when I was lying in bed at 7PM last night wondering what on earth I could do without electricity), I can always sit and ponder the hope that one day soon I will have proper electricity, enough to run lights, high-velocity fans, and best of all, run a refrigerator. (Cold water, iced coffee, unspoilt milk, and the ability to preserve leftovers! HERE I COME baby!)

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