Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am traveling to a larger town to purchase some items this weekend. Normally, out of necessity, I split the trip into 2 days because of the bus schedule, but it just so happened that my first lift said he was going almost all the way to my final destination, according to his schedule, we would arrive no later than 8PM. So I decided to go with him.

We would have arrived at 8PM, except that along the way we stopped to help a truck who was stuck in the mud. My lift, a naked American Semi-truck was a powerful machine with no cargo. The truck that was a stuck was a flatbed truck with 3 trailors (not as powerful but still pretty damn big). It had tried to make a u-turn and got stuck in deep deep sand. So, my driver, me, and a fellow hitchhiker set to towing this guy (and all his cargo) out using only a neon orange nylon packing rope (no tow rope?). Naturally, 2 hours later, the rope was ripped to shreds, the victim truck moved about 3 inches, and we had attracted an impressive gathering of male egos (and their tiny little sedans) all attempting to help by shouting out advice: Attach the rope there! Why don't you try wedging rocks under that tire? No, attach the rope to the trailor? Use larger rocks! Give it more power! No rock the truck back and forth. Move forward! FORWARD! Support the horse! Anyone have a chain? Anyone have a chain, indeed. By our calculations, the tow would've taken less than 10 minutes had we had a proper chain to begin with.

As night fell and the truck and all its cargo came no closer to freedom, my driver decided to abandon this guy to the crowd of useless dogooders and get on our way. Rain clouds grew thick, the sun went down, and wild animals began to emerge from the bush to drink from the cool puddles in the pavement. I arrived at my final destination at midnight after driving countless goats and bulls off the road and stopping for a moment to admire the illuminated bulk of a large elephant (complete with curving white tusks) as it ambled its way across the highway.

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