Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Christmas, I am going to do something a little different than usual (not that being in Africa is all that "same" as usual). This Christmas, in light of some of the tragedies occurring around me, including and especially the death of 2 young peace corps volunteers in neighboring Mozambique, I want to remember the blessings of my (now) 25 years of life...

So here's a Christmas toast to... being alive and safe... the prolonged celebration of my 25th birthday... being with new friends that ease the ache of the unknown and make you look forward to the next day... having old friends and good family that somehow know when to call or what to send... receiving phone calls from local friends updating me on the happenings of their lives... angry elephants on the side of the road and the men who are brave enough to step out of their trucks to scare them off... standing among a wilddog pack as it rips apart the remnants of an eland's insides and knowing that 5 brawny alpha-men are watching my back... a hand-raised meercat that took a cat nap in my lap... massive dogs who think that they are lap dogs and try to crawl into your lap... lions that start to pounce on you just to hear you scream...

...trips with crazy companions into strange countries... discovering that in Botswana there is, indeed, fine wine and good food and interesting company, especially when you least expect it... toasts with glasses of ten dollar bubbly in pink plastic cups... making thai green curry with pork found (with a yelp and a cheer) in the supermarket... watching iron chef duck challenge... my parents who helped me to appreciate Elvis Presley, Brahms, and Schumann before I discovered the likes NSync, Smashing Pumpkins, and Bon Jovi... Charles Schultz' Christmas Special... the hope of a storm on Christmas Day to cool off the ground as rain hits the pavement with a sizzle and a steam... Christmas music stashed on my computer as a last minute thought from friends and family... Christmas cookies... and of course, an infinite God who became finite and still watches over us even though we've distilled his life to weekly spectacles in a misguided steeples, silver bells, and silent nights

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  1. thinking of you Sunny... brave enough to be thankful and to do what you can. susie