Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is so hot you can hear my sweat sizzle as it pours off my forehead
and onto the sandy ground below-- correction, it is so hot that my
sweat turns to steam as it pours off my forehead and attempts to hit
the sandy ground below. It is so hot that when I turn my foot walking
outside I'm worried about the sand burning my toes than my ankle being
twisted. It is so hot that walking 1/2 a block gives me a 3rd degree
burn through my umbrella and layers of sunblock. It is so hot that the
streets of New Xade are eerily quiet, every animal and human being
standing deliriously underneath shade of some kind, staring into the
distance eyes lolling and mouth slightly parted. It is so hot that my
laundry dries within 5 minutes of being hung outside. It is so hot
that everything in my house is hot to the touch, including my
bedsheets. It is so hot that all but 3 of my garden plants have not
only withered but completely disintegrated into thin air leaving no
trace behind but a few dried up crumbs...

it is hot.
worst off, not only is my electricity still uninstalled, leaving a
mess of wires and a huge gap in my heart where the solar panels used
to fill... but the water went out last night leaving me scrounging for
buckets and savoring every drop I use for my bath. Sitting there in my
aluminum tub at 4PM on a Thursday afternoon, I had a moment, however,
of peace. Something eloquent and profoundly simple about sitting in a
tub taking a bucket bath on a hot afternoon, where you have to save
every drop of water, count every ounce to make sure that you leave the
tub clean, then suddenly realizing, this is the most comfortable
you've been all day today and that there is no difference whether you
get out now or spend an extra hour or so just lounging in the aluminum
casement naked and for the first time this week, cool. Cause you know
that within ten minutes of getting out, you're going to be hot again,
wishing that you could just start sweating...or at least turn the
electricity on so you can get a fan going...

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