Sunday, April 15, 2012

This morning, I was watching an episode of Good Eats about crabs when I heard the pitter patter of feet and the sound of squealy voices. Soon, the noises reached my front porch and I heard a young boy, "We are visiting Wame!"

I tend to be slightly cruel to kids here, I make them work for my company. That is to say, if I see children coming, I don't meet them at the door, I make them come to me, knock politely, and state what they want. These kids don't know that yet. So they stood on my door step for a very very long time, talking to each other, bouncing around, climbing the walls and saying, "We are visiting Wame! We are visiting Wame!" I paused Good Eats, sat inside sipping my coffee and listened to them move around. Finally, finally, I heard the faintest little tap on the door and answered.

At the door was an 11 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. The boy introduced himself, and then pointed to the girl, "this is my uncle" he said. I smiled, nodded, and made small talk while we enjoyed the cool morning air. Then, after he exhausted all of his, "Do you have water/food/ball/jump rope/toy cars..."questions, he went off to have tea. He came back a few minutes later with a teenie tiny baby, the size of an American football except with a little sweatshirt and limbs. The baby, upon seeing me, broke into a huge wail and the boy started laughing and shoving the baby in my face. Poor baby. I picked the infant up (which irked me a little because he wore no pants and I rarely enjoy the pleasure of touching a baby's bare bottom) and the baby wailed some more, tears streaming down his face, little arms fighting to push me away. This is not the first time a kid brought an infant to my house. It seems to be something they enjoy doing here, bringing me children and seeing them freak out upon seeing a white face.

The baby broke loose and started hobbling away for his life. Wearing no shoes, he stepped immediately onto a small thorny weed and broke out crying again. I backed away slowly, like one would when stumbling upon a grizzly bear, and started clearing my driveway of weeds with a heavy shovel. Soon, all the kids were on their hands and knees (including the infant), weeding my yard, pointing out spikey things, and exclaiming, "ke a go thuso wame!" (I am helping wame!)

When I arrived here, I never would have let kids help me with yardwork, but after experiencing child after child come over when I'm weeding, pick up a shovel, and go at a weed or a large bush, I let them, just for fun...

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