Friday, May 4, 2012

Bots 12

This week, I met the new Peace Corps Volunteers, Bots 12. This is the 4th group to arrive in country, increasing our grand total to about 150 people concurrently serving in country. If you ask me, it's something of feat that our staff is able to keep tabs on all of us at once.

The new group is lovely, and very new. I remember the last 2 groups being similarly lovely and new, lots of questions, wide-eyed except when they're exhausted and sleepy, excited, eager, and complete blank slates. I'd forgotten what it's like to be a trainee and to be so bombarded with information. I was reminded on Tuesday when I did a presentation, asked for questions, and was met by a quiet room with lots of big eyes staring back at me.

I'm heading back to New Xade in a day or two, and I'm very glad to have made the trip down here and met these guys. Their enthusiasm will hopefully rub off on me as I get ready to leave. Haha, "off on," what a funny oxymoron.

Tomorrow I'm going to attend a wedding of a PCV friend, Mary Duggan, as of yesterday officially Mary "Konege." She's getting married to a man from her village who seems very nice. In Botswana, there's a song that is played on every combi, phone, and radio station that goes, "it's a wedding! a wedding! oooh ooooh, my love."

The rest of the verses make no sense, and go, "If I marry you, will you marry me..." but this weekend, I will choose not to dwell on such idiocies, and enjoy the merging of 2 rich cultures.

P.S. I was so homesick last month, that I spent nearly 600 mb of data browsing various pieces of furniture, jewelry, and handbags to purchase when I get home, it cost me nearly 100 US dollars to pay my internet account balance. For that price, I could've BOUGHT one of those things I was admiring from so far. OUCH.

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  1. I'm excited for you to come home!! Finish strong Sunny! :)